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On Allegiantflyhub, you may find ample destinations to choose and fly to. There are many options for everyone, beach locations for beach bums, mountain paradise for hikers, and more. Choose yours and fly away.


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Travel New York

Starting - $ 130


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Don’t miss out on the chance to collect memories and take a glimpse of the whole new world. Discover what we offer and book a romantic getaway with us to escape the chaos. We go above and beyond to deliver a blissful flying experience in the air.

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Holiday Packages

Ditch the local destinations and fly internationally to know what lies beyond. Choose international packages and enjoy everlasting memories.

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Customer Support

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Easy Flight Bookings

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Affordable Fares

At Allegiantflyhub, we offer flight tickets at economical rates, thus making air travel more accessible to the budget-savvy flyer.


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With our featured destinations, stay in touch with what's hot and trending. Our featured section has all the locations people are currently swarming into. So, choose today.


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Tired of your boring schedule and looking for a break? Tick off your favorite destination from the bucket list and lose yourself in a spellbinding experience. Check our latest blogs here and pick the destination that thrills your senses.

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Allegiant Airlines Booking - Revamp Your Bucket List at Wallet-Friendly Fares

“With age comes wisdom, and with Travel comes understanding.” - Allegiant Airlines completely swears by this and offers captivating deals to bring all your travel fantasies to life. This air carrier has attracted all eyes and ears owing to its impressive travel services and discounted airfares.

So, what keeps you waiting? Make Allegiant Airlines Booking now and discover the hidden treasure troves without emptying your bank balance. Let’s get through the airline’s baggage policy, booking process, and other essential details to enjoy a mess-free experience.

Allegiant Airlines - Know Your Flying Partner

Allegiant Airlines is the perfect travel companion for budget-savvy travelers who want to cross boundaries without costing an arm and a leg. It is an ultra-low-cost air carrier that operates scheduled and charter flights.

This airline schedules flights to over 120 destinations, thus adding wings to your dream holidays. Allegiant Airlines is one of the major air carriers in North America and boasts a modern fleet to make your journey comfortable. Don’t think twice, and book Allegiant Airlines Flights now to elevate your flying experience.

How to Book Allegiant Airlines Flight Tickets?

Booking Allegiant flight tickets is fairly simple. Passengers can either use the official website or call the airline’s expert to complete the booking. Let’s walk through both methods individually to get the job done.

1. Booking Via the Official Website

Ditch the queues and use the airline’s official site to complete the bookings. Connect to a stable internet connection and use the modern browser to get started.

  • Launch the Allegiant Airlines official site on your preferred browser.
  • Expand the “Book a Flight” tab and select your trip type.
  • Enter the itinerary details, such as Departure and Arrival Airport.
  • Add the travel schedule in the Departure Date and Return Date boxes.
  • Select the number of travelers from the drop-down menu.
  • Double-check the information and tap the “Search” button.
  • A new page will appear on the screen with available flight options.
  • Browse the flights and pick a suitable choice that caters to your travel requirements.
  • Continue adding travelers’ details and choose the preferred payment method to confirm Allegiant Airlines Tickets.

2. Over the Phone

Do you prefer traditional booking methods? Or are you unable to establish a secure connection with the airline’s official website? Fret not, and connect with the airline’s expert to complete the bookings. Here’s how.

  • Dial the Allegiant Airlines Booking Phone Number on your keypad.
  • Connect to the IVR system and select your preferred language to proceed.
  • Once your call is transferred to the respective agent, share your itinerary information and traveler preferences.
  • Keep your details handy to streamline the process.
  • The professional will then search for the available flight options based on your information.
  • Listen to the options carefully and make a wise choice.
  • Provide the requested information and pay the required airfare to complete Allegiant Airlines Reservations.

Allegiant Airlines Manage Booking - Make Necessary Adjustments With Ease!!

Life is unpredictable, and so are the travel plans. With that in mind, Allegiant Airlines allows travelers to make necessary modifications without stepping out of their comfort zone. Use the Allegiant Airlines Manage Booking tab and adjust your itinerary with a swipe of your fingertips.

  • Navigate to the official site.
  • Head to the “Manage Trip” section on the top of the airline’s home page.
  • Enter your First Name, Last Name, and Confirmation Code in the respective fields.
  • Tap the “Find Trip” option and retrieve your booking details.
  • Select the trip and click the Edit button to make the desired changes.

With Allegiant Airlines Manage My Booking tool, passengers can

  • Select their favorite seats on the aircraft
  • Complete flight check-in and boarding
  • Change flight date and time
  • Cancel their trip
  • Track the refund status
  • Make upgrades

What is Allegiant Airlines Check-in Policy?

Flight check-in and boarding are an integral part of air travel. Hence, acquaint yourself with the check-in options and deadlines to avoid any last-minute hiccups. Scroll down and get through the tidbits of Allegiant Airlines Check-in Policy.

Web Check-in

Gone are the days when you had to wait in queues to get the boarding pass, as online check-in has now become the mainstream option.

  • Passengers can initiate the online check-in process between 24 hours and 45 minutes before the scheduled flight departure.
  • There are two ways to get the paperless boarding pass - the official website and the Allegiant Mobile app.

Here’s how to initiate the web check-in.

  • Open the official website and click the Check-in tab.
  • Enter First Name, Last Name, and Confirmation Code.
  • Tap the “Find Itinerary” option.
  • Select the trip for which you want to complete the check-in process.

Airport Check-in

In addition to the online check-in, passengers can complete the process by visiting the airport check-in counter.

  • Airport check-in closes 45 minutes before the flight takes off.
  • Be mindful that there’s a $5 per boarding pass fee at the airport.
  • Please arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure to complete the check-in process in time.

Allegiant Airlines Baggage Policy - The Key Terms and Conditions

Understanding all the nitty gritty details of Allegiant Airlines Baggage Policy is mandatory to avoid unpleasant surprises at the airport. Let’s map out the airline’s cabin and checked baggage allowances here. Get through the guide and pack accordingly.

Personal Item

All Allegiant Passengers can bring one personal item on board for no charge.

  • The maximum dimensions of the personal item must not exceed 8 X 14 X 18 inches.
  • This item can be a purse, briefcase, laptop bag, or a small backpack.
  • Make sure your personal item must fit under the seat.

Cabin Baggage

Remember, the airline never includes carry-on baggage in the ticket; hence, you must pay additional charges to bring it on board. Visit the Allegiant Airlines site and check the fees before booking flights.

  • Passengers can bring one carry-on luggage on board.
  • The carry-on dimensions must not be more than 10 X 16 X 22 inches, and it must fit in the overhead bin.
  • Bags are priced by route per segment. The carry-on baggage fee is between $10 and $5, depending on the route.

Checked Baggage

Flyers must pre-purchase the checked-in baggage to avoid any hassle at the airport. You can add up to 4 checked bags per passenger.

  • The maximum size of the checked luggage is 80 linear inches or 203cm, including wheels and handles.
  • The bags must not exceed 50 pounds.
  • All bags more than 50 pounds or 80 inches will be considered overweight or oversized baggage, and an additional Allegiant Airlines Baggage Fee is required to carry them.
  • Flyers can use the Baggage Fees Calculator to evaluate the checked baggage charges.

What is Allegiant Airlines Change and Cancelation Policy?

Life is full of surprises, and sometimes, things don’t go as planned. So, it’s advised to get all the nitty-gritty details of Allegiant Airlines Cancellation Policy and take further action accordingly. Please be mindful that Allegiant isn’t known for its flexibility; hence, you should be a bit cautious when modifying your itinerary. Let’s dive right in.

Allegiant Airlines Cancellation Policy

Do you want to call off your journey? Get through the airline’s cancelation rules and act accordingly.

  • The airline offers an easy 24-hour cancelation policy, in which passengers can cancel their flight tickets within 24 hours of the reservation.
  • However, please remember that the flight is at least seven days away at the time of Allegiant Airlines online booking.
  • Once you miss the grace window or 24-hour cancelation window, all purchases will become non-refundable.
  • However, the airline might issue a flight credit or voucher for qualifying cancelations, such as medical emergencies or sudden death in the family.
  • Passengers must offer the required documents to support their claims. The airline’s experts will verify them and then issue any flight credit or voucher if you are eligible.

Allegiant Airlines Change Policy

Change in plans? Fret not, as Allegiant allows you to modify your itinerary at an additional cost. Check Allegiant Airlines change policy before booking a flight.

  • Allegiant Airlines allows you to change itineraries up to 7 days before the scheduled departure.
  • Passengers must pay the change fee of $75 when making adjustments.
  • Do you wish to save bucks on the flight change? Opt for the Trip Flex and skip paying the change fee.
  • Those who have purchased the trip flex can adjust their itinerary for up to 1 hour before the original flight departure time.
  • No changes are permitted within days of travel.

Here’s how to change your itinerary.

  • Open the Allegiant Airlines’ official site.
  • Visit the Manage Trips section.
  • A new page will appear on the screen where you must enter the First Name, Last Name, and Confirmation Code.
  • Tap the Find Trip to access your booking details.
  • Select the trip you want to change.
  • Click the Edit button and browse other flight options to match your requirements.
  • Once you find a suitable choice, continue to pay the flight change fee and the fare difference.
  • Click the Submit button to confirm the changes.

The Bottom Line

Traveling is a perfect way to get a break from your dull and boring life, and thankfully, it doesn’t have to be expensive. If you are tired of your routine and looking for an escape, make Allegiant Airlines Booking now and satiate your travel cravings. The airline offers flight tickets at affordable airfares, thus allowing you to fulfill your travel dream without costing a fortune.

Do you have a query? Call the airline’s expert and put your queries out of the frame. Don’t let your inner soul crave for more. Get the bookings done and unlock your happy days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What day of the week are Allegiant flights cheapest?

Allegiant flights are the cheapest on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as the airline releases discounted fares on these weekdays.

What is the best way to book on Allegiant Air?

The best way to book on Allegiant Air is through its website or customer call center. Purchase same-day tickets to fly at the airport ticket counter as per availability.

How to get cheap Allegiant flights?

To get a cheap flight with Allegiant Air, book in advance, fly in the off-season and weekdays, sign up for Allegiant’s newsletter, and find deals & discounts among other ways to fly cheap.

What happens if you don't select seats on Allegiant?

If you don't select seats on Allegiant, the airline assigns random seats for free.

Can I change my flight on Allegiant without penalty?

Yes, you can change an Allegiant flight without penalty if it is done within 24 hours of booking when the scheduled flight’s departure is after 7 days or more.

How far in advance should I book Allegiant?

To get lower fares, book an Allegiant flight at least three to four weeks before your travel dates.

What age flies free on Allegiant?

Kids who are 14 days to under the age of 2 years fly free with Allegiant if they don’t occupy a seat and are accompanied by a 12-year-old or older passenger.