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You had a great trip with Allegiant Air. But after reaching home you realize that you have lost an item. Now what? Relax. The Allegiant Lost and Found service covers you well. With its well-designed approach to finding lost belongings during your trip, you can be assured of retrieving your items.

The guidelines help travelers to find what they have missed, lost, delayed, or damaged with Allegiant flight trips. So, walk through the following account and grab more information about it.

Allegiant Lost and Found Terms and Conditions

The airline’s lost and found team makes sure to return your belongings at the earliest possible. However, certain guidelines need to be followed. Here are the major points of Allegiant Air Lost and Found policy for your reference -

  • Inform the airline’s lost and found department of the item lost in the airport’s public area (restaurant, boarding area, etc.).
  • Report for a piece of delayed baggage at the Allegiant Baggage Service Office at your nearest airport within 4 hours of arrival.
  • If you cannot report checked baggage issues at the airport, email the airline about Baggage Missing.
  • You will get an email about how to proceed with the process to retrieve your lost item.
  • If the airline can’t find your belongings, you can claim compensation for it.

What is the Allegiant Airlines Lost and Found Phone Number?

The Lost and Found contact number of Allegiant Air is (866) 719-3910. Alternatively, you can call the airline’s Customer Care team at (702) 505-8888 and get assistance 24/7.

How Can I Report a Lost Baggage to Allegiant Air?

To report your items lost or missed with Allegiant Airlines, contact its Lost and Found department. Here’s what you need to remember -

Trips Covered by  Allianz Travel Insurance

For baggage lost while traveling, file a claim with Allianz Global Assistance. If you need assistance with your Allianz Travel Insurance plan, call 1-800-284-8300.

Items Lost on an Airplane

To report any item lost on board or in the terminal, fill in the Allegiant Air Lost and Found Form carefully. You can easily find the form on the “Customer Request Assistance” page of the website.

Include as many details as possible about your lost/missing item such as color, size, serial number, brand, and other unique features.

Please note

  • As per your insurance plan, the airline reimburses you for specific conditions that might come up during your trip. This includes lost, stolen, delayed, or damaged baggage.
  • Make sure to check your plan for terms, conditions, and exclusions along with pre-existing conditions.

Does Allegiant Air Provide Delayed and Damaged Baggage Compensation?

Yes, Allegiant compensates you for reasonable expenses that result from delay in delivery of baggage as required by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

When you file your delayed baggage claim, the airline issues you a 13-character file reference number or Property Irregularity Report (PIR).

How to Get My Delayed Baggage from Allegiant Air?

To get your delayed baggage from the airline, keep the following points in mind. Check your baggage status by calling the airline’s lost and found contact number. Use your 13-character file reference number for it.

If your baggage is delayed for more than 5 days -

  • Complete the property questionnaire with your file reference number issued.
  • Fill in the online contact form to share your claim details.
  • Select the delayed baggage expenses.
  • Enter your details required.

What are Allegiant Luggage Limitations of Liability?

Here are the Allegiant luggage limitations of liability that you should keep in mind.

Damage to Luggage

While normal handling, Allegiant Air will not be responsible for the following damage -

  • Scratches, scuffs, minor cuts, dents, nicks, stains, or soiling resulting from normal wear and tear
  • Damage due to bags that are oversized or over-packed
  • Manufacturer defects

Damage, Delay, or Loss to Luggage Contents

The airline is not liable for the delay, loss, or damage to the following items or similar ones as checked or carry-on items. However, claims from international flights covered by the Montreal Convention are exceptional.

So, look at the items that the airline prohibits -

  • Paintings/artworks, antiques
  • Medicines, orthotics, and optics (assistive devices for disabled travelers are exceptions)
  • Natural fur products, antiques, heirlooms, spirits
  • Electronic/video equipment and related items
  • Business equipment and samples, books and manuscripts
  • Electronic cigarettes, vaping devices, or spare lithium batteries
  • Blueprints, photographs, items for sale
  • Computer hardware/software, electronic components, and equipment
  • Precious metals/stones, money, jewelry, silverware

How Much Does Allegiant Pay for a Damaged, Delayed, or Lost Luggage?

The airline pays a maximum amount of $3,800 for damage, delay, or loss of checked or unchecked baggage and/or its contents. Wheelchairs, mobility aids, and assistive devices for disabled individuals are exceptions.

Can Allegiant Deny a Delayed Baggage Compensation?

Yes, Allegiant might deny or have delayed compensation claims if -

  • The passenger hasn’t signed the claim.
  • You didn’t complete and submit the claim to an airline executive (at the airport in the case of damage claims) within -
    • 4 hours of flight arrival for damaged bags
    • 24 hrs for missing contents (damage claims from international flights under the Montreal Convention are exceptions that must be submitted to the airline within 7 days).
  • The claimed damage/loss is not covered.
  • You haven’t completed the claim correctly as per the instructions.
  • The claim is not returned by the date stated on the claim form (Customer Property and Missing Property),
  • The claim is determined to be fraudulent.

Please note

Your luggage won’t be delivered if -

  • You check in late and your bags don’t arrive on the flight with you.
  • Your bags are delayed and you are flying non-revenue.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the Allegiant Lost and Found department helps you get your items back when you miss or lose them during your trip. Simply follow teh guidelines and you will be good to go.

So, have you lost or missed an item during your Allegiant flight? Count on its flexible and customer friendly approach to retrieving the item or raising compensation.

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