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Missing a flight is an unwelcoming situation. Understanding this, Allegiant Air has designed its missed flight approach in the best interest of its passengers. So, count on the Allegiant missed flight policy and related information if you have missed yours.

The policy helps you exit safely from this situation and avoid your travel plans going south. So, when you miss your flight due to certain reasons and/ or circumstances, the Allegiant Airlines missed flight service assists you well.

Now, go through the piece of writing that follows and learn more about the missed flight policy of Allegiant Air. the account below takes you through the policy highlights, missed flight refunds, standby, no-shows, and more.

What Happens if I Missed My Flight with Allegiant Air?

Are you wondering “what to do when I have missed my flight with Allegiant Air”? Go through the points mentioned below -

Go for Flight Rebooking

On missing your flight, Allegiant allows you to rebook a flight. However, pay extra charges to change your flight. The rebooking cost is determined by your fare type and flight availability.

Stand-by Travel

The airline allows standby on the same day for an alternate flight in certain circumstances. However, check if you have to pay charges for this. Also, getting a flight while on standby is subject to availability.

No Refunds

Allegiant Air doesn’t refund or issue any credits to you for missing a flight. However, you can check if the airline refunds for some genuine reasons for missing the flight.

Lost Fare Value

For missing an outbound flight, Allegiant cancels your return flight. So, you lose your round-trip flight fare value.

What is the Allegiant Missed Flight Policy?

No one wants to miss a flight, ever. However, certain situations result in missing your flight and sending your travel plans for a toss. But the Allegiant missed flight policy covers you to an extent.

Here are the highlights of this policy to give you an idea -

  • Inform the airline if you will be missing your flight. The representatives will offer you rebooking options, but subject to availability and with additional charges and fare differences.
  • If you don’t inform the airline that you will miss your flight, Allegiant will mark you as a “no-show”.
  • No-show cases can’t claim a refund and don’t get travel credit for future bookings.
  • For flights missed because of weather conditions, medical issues, or any reason that was beyond your control, Allegiant might consider it for refunds.

Does Allegiant charge if you miss your flight?

Yes, if you were flying with Allegiant Air and missed a flight, you might have to pay certain charges. However, these charges are in the form of -

  • Extra charges for rebooking flights
  • Fare differences between the new and original bookings

To know more, call the Allegiant customer service team at (702) 505-8888.

Can I Get a Refund for My Missed Allegiant Flight?

Yes, Allegiant Airlines issues a refund if you have missed a flight. Thanks to the well-designed  Allegiant Airlines Refund Policy. Here are the major points of this policy for your reference -

  • If your flight is missed because of your fault such as late arrival at the airport and failure to complete the Allegiant check-in on time, Allegiant doesn’t refund you.
  • Contact the third-party agency if you have made your booking through it.

Please note

  • Contact the customer service team of Allegiant Airlines to help you with the refund.
  • If you are eligible for a refund, make sure to submit your travel details to the airline. Thereafter, Allegiant will process your refund.

What is the Allegiant Airlines No-Show Policy?

To help you understand the Allegiant missed flight approach better, here is its no-show policy. According to the policy -

  • Allegiant considers it a cancellation by the passengers if you -
  1. Can’t catch your flight on time
  2. Do not apply to change or cancel an itinerary

In any of the above cases, the remaining itinerary will be canceled. It includes any return flights, and the airline forfeits all funds. Moreover, you won’t get any refund or credit if you are marked under the “no-show policy.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the Allegiant missed flight approach guides you through things to remember and proceed accordingly if you miss your flight. Simply abide by the rules set by the airline for travelers who have missed their flight.

Moreover, keep in mind the rules regarding standby and no-show for a better experience. This helps you avoid missing flights, be prepared, and stay informed if you miss your flight. So, don’t worry if you have missed your Allegiant flight. There is still scope to rebook a flight or get a refund.

Follow the guidelines, and you will be good to go.

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