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Do you have specific requirements for seats? If you have a ticket on Allegiant Air, you can choose your preferred seats without much trouble. With the simple Allegiant Air Seat Selection process and rules, you can choose your favorite seat on the plane at no extra effort. Besides, some fare types let you choose a seat absolutely free at the time of booking. Check below the details on choosing the right seat for your journey and ensure a comfortable flight with Allegiant Airlines.

Why Do I Need to Choose Seats on Allegiant Air?

Every passenger may have a separate reason for choosing preferred seats on Allegiant Air, but here are a few reasons you may select your seat with the airline.

  • Choose seats early to pick your preferred location on the plane, whether it's near the front, by a window or aisle, or with extra legroom.
  • Passengers have the flexibility to customize their flying experience by selecting seats that align with their preferences.
  • Policies and fees are subject to change, so passengers usually try to secure their preferred options in advance to avoid later surcharges.
  • Choosing seats in advance helps ensure that groups or families can sit together on the flight.
  • Selecting seats early helps passengers avoid higher fees which sometimes occur when they choose seats closer to the departure date.

These were the basic reasons customers wish to select their seats in advance on Allegiant Air and avoid any future hassle due to changes in plans or arrangements.

How Do I Choose My Preferred Seat on Allegiant Flights?

To choose your preferred seat on Allegiant flights you can visit their website or call Allegiant Air customer service phone number. Lets take a closer look at the steps to choose seats.

Online Method:

  • Visit the official Allegiant Air website.
  • Log in to your account or create one during the booking process.
  • Book your flight and reach the seat selection step.
  • Choose your preferred seat based on your preferences.
  • Pay for seat selection if there's a fee.
  • Complete the booking process.

Offline Method:

  • Contact Allegiant Air customer service.
  • Provide your booking details and seat preferences.
  • The agent will assist in assigning your preferred seat.
  • Provide payment information if there's a seat selection fee.
  • Confirm your reservation details before ending the call.

When Can I Choose My Seats with Allegiant?

The above methods for seat selection explain the process of choosing your seats at the time of booking. However, you can choose your seats during the flight booking process, after booking, or at the time of checking in.

  • You can select the seats at the time of booking, either online or by contacting customer service.
  • If you prefer to make seat selections after booking, you can do so through the "Manage Flights" section on the Allegiant Air website or by calling customer service.
  • Additionally, seat selection is available during the online check-in process.

Note that: A fee may apply for seat selection, and you must check the latest policies on Allegiant Air's official website to make sure the process is smooth.

What is Allegiant Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

Allegiant provides passengers with comfortable, assigned leather seats on all flights. The airline has a simple process for seat selection. The Allegiant Air seat selection policy allows customers to confirm their seating onboard for a minimal cost. Here are the details:

  • For a small fee, you can choose your seat during the reservation process, ensuring your preferred location and comfort on board.
  • This option is especially beneficial for those traveling with companions, as it allows you to sit together.
  • Additionally, passengers qualifying for specific criteria may opt for exit row seats, offering increased legroom.

If you decide not to purchase a seat assignment when booking an Allegiant Air flight, there are specific procedures to follow:

  • At check-in, Allegiant will automatically assign you an available seat on the plane, as you did not select anything beforehand.
  • If you choose to check in online, you have the option to view the seats assigned and, if desired, upgrade.
  • To make changes to your seat or purchase one on an existing reservation, you can access the Manage Travel section.
  • You can not change your seat assignment with Allegiant Air after you have obtained a boarding pass at the airport.

For the latest details on Allegiant Air's seat selection policies and any associated fees, it is recommended to refer to their official website or contact their customer service.

How Much is The Allegiant Air Seat Selection Fee?

To choose a preferred seating option on Allegiant flights, you must clear a specific fee. The airline typically charges you a fee between $0 to $80 to confirm your seating. You must pay the Allegiant seat selection fee to confirm the option you select or connect with the customer service team.

Final Say

You can easily select and confirm your Allegiant Air Seat Selection and get the best seating throughout your journey. In case you want to change or update, call the airline's phone number and get the best help from experts.